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Management consulting Management consulting

Organisational change

Our experience and proprietary universal tools help our clients to overcome barriers in the realm of organizational changes and form successful programs of company transformation aimed at achieving conformity of their strategy, organization’s culture and management.

A company’s ability to implement organizational changes like cost reduction, performance enhancement, overcoming a crisis is the major source of competitive advantage.

Our specialists assist in avoiding common mistakes inherent to many companies, who implement an organizational change, and offer alternative and the most effective solutions

ODT ℠ (Organization diagnostic tool) proprietary tool of SCM Consult, can both diagnose a company’s current state by measuring its strengths and weaknesses and help to determine directions to improve business performance with emphasis on the most crucial parameters.

What we do:

Analysis of problematic situations including an evaluation of visible organizational factors like competency, resources, motivation system etc. and hidden ones like political aspects, fears, incompetency and groundless diversification of core products and services.

Analysis of existing approaches (for example, aggressive or progressive, conciliatory, ideological or educating, destroying etc.) to changing an organization’s culture and selection of an optimum one.

Elaboration of parameters for organizational changes.

Conducting polls, simulation of problematic issues and situations discussions, feedback.

Preparation of a training program.

Balanced score card system development

To succeed financially, how should we appear to our shareholders?

To achieve our vision, how should we appear to our customers?

Vision and Strategy

To achieve our vision, how will we sustain our ability to change and improve?

To satisfy our shareholders and customers, what business processes must we excel at?

Building an efficient self-managing teams, managing organizational changes, solving project tasks and interpersonal problems through team work.

Our services are not limited by private sector only and include implementing organisational change in public sector as a result of strategic planning and modernisation.


SCM Consult is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
SCM Consult received a high rating from the Federal Competence Center and was included in the list of companies for the implementation of the program "Improvement of operational efficiency and support of employment"
The meeting between the managing partner of SCM Consult A. Ikhsanov and the management of PJSC Tatneft took place at the Business Service Center of PJSC Tatneft.
SCM Consult discussed cooperation with the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region on Volga Federal District projects.

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