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SME Competitiveness

Strong SMEs form the foundation for state economy and are key for its balanced growth. They prevail in the total number of world companies and significantly contribute to GDP and employment. Moreover, they do not disregard to accept for employment non-competitive candidates: youth, women, and people with lack of experience and/or education.

Today, SMEs obtain a growing opportunity to integrate into global value chains and extend their operations internationally. It should be noted, though, that high competitiveness is a key criterion for SMEs to succeed in going global, so is there any chance to make value chains more inclusive? SCM Consult holds an opinion that a single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. Therefore, we provide assistance to state bodies in terms of development and implementation of trade strategies, and facilitate growth of manufacturing feasibility of companies so they are able to merge into international value chains. Strong competitive advantages that SMEs will gain in the long run on the global stage, will allow them to contribute to progress of national economy and employment rate.

SCM Consult is highly experienced in terms of evaluation and improvement of SMEs’ competitiveness. In view of this, we offer government agencies, investors and business support organizations our support in:

Taking smart decisions. SCM Consult’s approach to SME Competitiveness Benchmarking is based on a methodology of assessment of their scorecard and mapping of their service package in order to help relevant trade and investment support institutions (TISIs) select or design services these firms need to be provided with. Participation of government institutions and therefore the highest level of process supervision allow proceeding from theory to real change.

Implementing strategies.. SCM Consult helps government agencies, investors and business support organizations to develop strategies and implement strategic initiatives that become drivers of growth and extension for value chains and companies of their sector. For that purpose, we use SME Competitiveness Benchmarking and other assessment tools.

Being sustainable.. SCM Consult provides technical assistance to governments with regard to introduction and proper application of tools for collecting SME competitiveness data across the country. The modular system is designed to monitor progress on the following development aspects: Economic growth and improved labor conditions, Gender equity and Quality of education.

SCM Consult provides a number of services for building efficient partnerships aimed at implementation of national strategies and achievement of sustainable growth by utilizing benchmarking tools.


SCM Consult is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
SCM Consult received a high rating from the Federal Competence Center and was included in the list of companies for the implementation of the program "Improvement of operational efficiency and support of employment"
The meeting between the managing partner of SCM Consult A. Ikhsanov and the management of PJSC Tatneft took place at the Business Service Center of PJSC Tatneft.
SCM Consult discussed cooperation with the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region on Volga Federal District projects.

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