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Supply chain management

Based on recent studies supply chain inefficiencies could waste as much as 25 percent of an organization’s operating costs. Therefore, an efficient supply chain is becoming a competitive weapon for any company willing to outperform a competition.  

Each company has its own specifics and a scale. Therefore, there is no such a thing as universal approach or single solution for all. However, there is a common concept of an efficient or "best-in-class" methodology of supply chain management, the principles of which are applicable to a degree to any company.

The most commonly reported bottom-line benefits from supply chain integration are centered on reduced costs in such areas as inventory management, transportation, warehousing and packaging, improved service through techniques such as time-based delivery and make-to-order, enhanced revenues, which result from such supply chain related achievements as higher product availability and more customized products.

Our approach to supply chain integration:

Supply chain can be classified as a Stage one, two or three network. In stage 1 type supply chain, various systems such as SOURCE, MAKE, STORE, DISTRIBUTE, RETURN are not linked and are independent of each other.

In a stage 2 supply chain, these are integrated under one plan and one of the cornerstones of successfully integrated SCM here is an information technology that must support multiple levels of decision making. It also should afford a clear view of the flow of products, services, and information. 

The third movement of supply chain management development, can be characterized by the attention given to global systems of supplier relationships and by the expansion of supply chains over national boundaries and into other continents.

What we do:



Describing existing supply chain processes and identifying opportunities for optimization. We evaluate communication with customers from the moment when order is placed till the payment of the bill. Product transactions from a supplier to a customer. Interaction with the market from aggregate demand to fulfillment of order.



Developing the vision and the strategy of supply chain integration, designing the optimal organizational structure, implementing information and  communication networks, transforming the strategy into action. We develop KPIs and evaluate the efficiency of existing supply chain, benchmark results and identify weaknesses.



Preparing the action plan to act on inefficient figures and design "to-be" process, define key project players, prioritize and develop detailed Action Plan (Resources, Milestones, Deliverables).



Implementing changes and optimization of processes.


SCM Consult is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
SCM Consult received a high rating from the Federal Competence Center and was included in the list of companies for the implementation of the program "Improvement of operational efficiency and support of employment"
The meeting between the managing partner of SCM Consult A. Ikhsanov and the management of PJSC Tatneft took place at the Business Service Center of PJSC Tatneft.
SCM Consult discussed cooperation with the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region on Volga Federal District projects.

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