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Inventory management

Inventory management plays a key role in efficient operation of almost every organization. By means of our ICON℠methodology, you can organize an efficient management system, ensure optimal availability and minimize stock.

Inventories are often compared to a sponge that absorbs cash, which alternatively could be used for the business growth. Therefore, to achieve operational efficiency, it is vital to plan inventory levels in an optimal way, i.e. to minimize invested money while maintaining or even improving the inventory availability. Reduction of non-liquid / excess stock and investments to creation of proper volumes lead to more efficient inventory system through service improvement, high product turnover and healthier business structure. 

Our inventory optimization consultants can help you answer the fundamental questions like an optimal order placement period and the order volume, as well as implement the latest innovative developments like JIT (just-in-time) & JIS (just-insequence).

ICON℠, our advanced technology, can help equip your company’s management and operating personnel with fundamental basics and a technique to analyze and control inventory levels – from cost reduction techniques to the daily material management.

What we do:

  1. Analysis of inventory and materials levels, which are in the process of delivery, order cycle, anticipated demand level for the order cycle period and statistical analysis of historical forecasts deviations.
  2. Analysis of the cost of orders for goods replenishment and inventory holding costs, as well as calculation of ROP (Re-order Point) and Safety stock.
  3. Calculation of EQQ (Economic Order Quantity), ABC-analysis (segmentation of inventory etc.), consulting on product range planning.
  4. Gravity analysis of an optimal warehouse and distribution center locations.
  5. Calculation of the optimal warehouse capacity, materials flow planning, areas for receiving and dispatch, storing and packaging.
  6. Setting-up a distribution centre management system, communication and work integration with other departments, engineering solutions and optimization systems.     

Benefits for our clients:

  1. Centralization of inventory management. 
  2. Dynamic processes of planning and parameterisation.
  3. Automated supply processes (like e-kanban). Established JIT (just-in-time) & JIS (just-insequence) processes.
  4. Optimal materials availability and inventory reduced by 30% to 50%.
  5. Improvement of reliability and delivery service up to over 95%.
  6. Integrated information flows and active utilisation of IT (including SAP).
  7. Reduction of the manual work and cost of personnel. 
  8. Positive feedback from customers. 
  9. Effective management of critical materials (C-parts). Supplier-controlled stock.


Triage strategy of inventory optimization for global Oil & Gas company (Fortune 5) Triage strategy of inventory optimization for global Oil & Gas company (Fortune 5)

Inventory flow modelling and optimization for regional retail company Inventory flow modelling and optimization for regional retail company


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