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Project management

Global virtual teams and new technologies of remote communication and international management grow in popularity.

Leading international companies using the world’s best practices tend to prefer remote project management for maximizing their resources and more dynamic organization of the cross-functional project management on international projects. In the course of interaction of virtual teams, numerous difficulties arise, like the difference between time zones or cultural differences, control issues, project tasks & requirements shifting, process asymmetry or vague roles and duties.

We have a unique practical experience of setting up foreign project management offices (PMO), that can help to build the most effective process to create a value from foreign assets and to achieve success on international projects.

What we do

CONSULTATIONS during negotiations with clients.

RESOURCE IDENTIFICATION, selection, control and staff trainings.

DEVELOPMENT OF PROJECTS structure and description, including project requirements and deliverables.

ORGANISATIONAL ASPECTS - key positions, responsibilities and relations.

PROJECT REPORTS - Work breakdown structure (WBS), schedule (Gannt Charts), estimates, project execution reports (VOWD), communication plans, quality control (QA), risk management.



OVERSEAS SUBSIDIARY'S, representing office's opening.

Выгоды для клиента

TEAMS & SYNERGIES – motivated and involved staff. Better communication in a well-balanced, selected and manageable teams. Innovations and higher efficiency resulting from employment of multinational staff with diverse skills and background.

EFFICIENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT –working on international markets, in different cultures and functional areas, requires the project management format in order to become a success.

EFFECTIVE MONITORING & CONTROL – developed strategy and plans, efficient monitoring tools.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS – appointed coordination center representing a customer on the side of the project organization for more effective fulfillment of unique, complex and multifunctional tasks.

ADVANCED PRODUCT PORTFOLIO management (PLM – Product Lifecycle Management)/Launch of new products and inventory optimization.


SCM Consult is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
SCM Consult received a high rating from the Federal Competence Center and was included in the list of companies for the implementation of the program "Improvement of operational efficiency and support of employment"
The meeting between the managing partner of SCM Consult A. Ikhsanov and the management of PJSC Tatneft took place at the Business Service Center of PJSC Tatneft.
SCM Consult discussed cooperation with the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region on Volga Federal District projects.

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