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Efficiency gains through Operational Improvement for Multinational Market Research Corporation


A leading market research company with global operations.


The operations in South America, based in São Paulo, Brazil, were suffering with lack of efficiency and were loss giving for 3 consecutive years. The staff retention rate and the client retention rate were both very low. Staff had to go through stressful moments and do a lot of overtime to complete the projects and most of them were still delivered late.


  • Elaboration on schedule

  • Renegotiation of new contracts

  • Improved employee satisfaction and efficiency

  • Reduced overtime

  • Return to profitability


Based on the deliverables, a schedule was elaborated, with all projects, deadlines, milestones and financial information and the information was shared with the team. From that a priority list was created, so that the key clients wouldn’t suffer with the delays and the staff would see some successful deliveries and gain some moral.

With the key clients receiving on time, new contracts were renegotiated to have its fieldwork on the low season and, therefore, have no overlap with the existing contracts and key clients.

The HR department was briefed with the profile of successful recruiters and schedulers, so that replacements for those who left or were fired would be available as soon as possible.

A variable income programme was created based on efficiency of recruiters and schedulers, in order to give additional reward to those who really gave their blood and raise employee satisfaction through recognition. At the same time the low performers were identified and trained or replaced by new employees with a more appropriate profile. As a consequence, overtime ceased to happen on a regular basis.


Project was completed in around 10 months and after one and a half year the company became profitable again as the revenue increased in 36%. Brazil became the second largest and most profitable branch – only behind the head office in the US.

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