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Horizon Strategy To Deal With New Disruptive Technologies For International Fortune 5 Retail Company


The world’s largest international brick and mortar company with predominant operations in EU, China and US


Given the position of the client as market leader in retail goods, fresh produce and other home consumables, project was designed to maintain market leading position and identify a method to identify, assess, evaluate and plan according to disruptive technologies.


·      Identification of key disruptive technologies requiring a technology specific strategy

·      Scenario planning incorporating technology-related dimensions, drivers and probability weighted scenarios

·      Determination of high-probability scenarios with a 25 year horizon

·      Outline of immediate actions and future risk mitigation actions

·      A planning framework incorporating predictive and reactive metrics to measure and indicate switch points for above mentioned strategies


Given the complexity of predicting market developments for disruptive technologies (those yet to come to market) it was necessary to conduct extensive subject matter expert interviews. Feedback derived from these industry leaders such as chief executives of technology developers was channeled into an extensive scenario analysis framework incorporating global dimensions, technology specific dimensions and geographic dimensions amongst others. Adoption rate for new technologies was measured as a function of each combination and permutation of dimensions and associated drivers. With over a 100 potential scenarios outlined, a Pugh method was deployed to identify high-likely scenarios as candidates for further research. Technologies such as 3D printing were deeply understood to create predictive metrics for market adoption rate and overall market size such that actions could be implemented to maintain market position and eliminate loss of market share from future substitute products and supply chain/product innovation.


The project was delivered ahead of schedule with complete framework defined and a unique intellectual capital identifying methods to completely and absolutely avoid catastrophic loss of  number 1 market position.

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